The Creative Writer's Companion

by Stan Corwin

St. Martin's Press, March, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 172 pages.
ISBN: 0312252765

The Creative Writer's Companion by Stan Corwin This book begins with a foreword from Syd Field, a well-known screenwriting teacher, who tells us we are at the beginning of a revolution where a writer's creation is marketed in several different arenas, such as books, movies, video games, greeting cards and even toys. The book then expands on the concept introduced by Syd Field by teaching writers how to sel their work to different media outlets, including film, television, books, audiotapes, CDs and other media markets. Some important concepts covered include rights, copyrights, trademarks, licensing, merchandising, ebooks, digital publishing, audio and video and the Internet.

Author Stanley C. Corwin, who has been a publisher and is currently president of media company Stan Corwin Productions, offers suggestions and advice for writers who are out to make the big bucks by selling their work across various mediums. In one section, Corwin even provides query letters that incorporate the idea of cross-media sales. He also discusses ways writers are benefiting from selling their work to different mediums and highlights real-world examples. The use and sale of writer's work over multiple mediums is a crucial subject which writers today must understand and Corwin's book provides a solid base from which writers can then begin to learn more about these concepts by reading the trades, following the news and talking to agents, lawyers and publishers.

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This review was published in the April, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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