The Circle of Healing

by Cathy Holt

Talking Bird Press, 2000.
Trade Paperback, 209 pages.
ISBN: 0967777704

The Circle of Healing by Cathy Holt Cathy Holt, a biofeedback therapist and holistic health educator with a Master's degree in Public Health from UC Berkley, wrote The Circle of Healing as a way to summarize the numerous findings she has made over the years while helping patients and herself heal from various physical and emotional traumas. Using a holistic approach, Holt describes how the mind and the body must be connected in order for true healing to begin. She also describes how having a circle of supporters or friends can help people do everything from recover from addictions to achieve goals, such as weight loss. With practical advice and interesting personal anecdotes, Holt gently leads the reader to the conclusion that the modern day approach of ignoring the messages that our bodies give us is actually harmful to our health. With useful tips for improving your body's recovery from surgery and for improving your quality of life, this is a very useful and book which you'll find yourself dipping into again and again.

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