The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook

by Jennifer Appel

Simon and Schuster, October, 2001.
Hardcover, 125 pages.
ISBN: 0743205790

The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook by Jennifer Appel The subtitle for this cookbook is "More Than 80 Recipes for Irresistible, Old-Fashioned Treats." Irresistible is somewhat of an an understatement. Jennifer Appel is the owner of The Buttercup Bake Shop in Manhattan, where happy customers partake of delicious, homemade desserts. There is nary a non-fat item in this book of old-fashioned yummies, so those looking for something lo-cal should look elsewhere. But if you're looking for luscious crowd-pleasers such as Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pie, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Pie, Red Velvet Cake, The Greatest Brownies Ever, Over the Top Chocolate Layer Cake or Apple Pecan Cake, this is a must-buy.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow, with side comments by the author. As the holidays approach, why not let Jennifer Appel teach you a few new (and old) tricks for that holiday baking? We certainly have, with wonderful results.

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