The Beautiful Stranger

by Julia London

Dell, July, 2001.
Paperback, 388 pages.
ISBN: 0440236908
Subgenre: Historical

The Beautiful Stranger by Julia London In this installment of the popular Rogues of Regent Street series, Arthur Christian is overwhelmed with guilt at not saving his friend Phillip from death. Phillip was severely depressed, and was killed in a senseless duel. Determined to help put Phillip's affairs in order, he travels to Glenbaden, Scotland, to dispose of a worthless piece of land which Phillip had bought. The tenant on the property defaulted on the note, and the land is ripe for foreclosure. Arthur is a true city gentleman and finds himself stranded in Scotland in no time. He meets up with a beautiful widow, Kerry McKinnon, who shoots him when she thinks he's a burglar. The two end up traveling to Glenbaden together -- Kerry is widow of the tenant who defaulted on the note, and will be homeless if Arthur follows through with his plan to evict her. The two fall in love, but their stations in life prevent them from marrying. Now Arthur must choose between the life he loves in London, and the woman he loves in Scotland.

In the Beautiful Stranger, Julia London explores the themes of love and duty, set against the backdrop of the beautiful wilds of the Scottish highlands. Kerry McKinnon is a heroine to root for; she's had a tough life, but never lets circumstances get her down. Arthur, the rogue who has a soft heart underneath his polished exterior, is a charmer that is sure to melt any reader's heart. Julia London writes with humor, passion and heart. This is a compelling romance with enough adventure and passion to satisfy the most demanding reader. Highly recommended.

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