The Beach House

by James Patterson and Peter De Jonge

Little, Brown, June, 2002.
Hardcover, 358 pages.
ISBN: 0316969680

The Beach House by James Patterson and Peter De Jonge Best known for his bestselling series starring Alex Cross, James Patterson teams up with Peter de Jonge to provide a stand-alone novel about wealth, intrigue and murder. On Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons, handsome townie Peter Mullen is found dead on the beach. The wealthy Neubauer family insists that the car-parker drowned. But Peter's Columbia University law student brother Jack thinks otherwise. As he delves deep into the lies and corruption of this enclave of the rich and famous, Jack finds out that his brother was doing much more than parking cars for some of the wealthy ladies that lunch. With the help of a female PI, his grandfather and some other locals, Jack sets out to get a little justice all on his own.

The Beach House is a great summer read. It's full of action, thrills and villains that sorely deserve some retribution. Jack, the working class hero is a likeable fellow, and his story of turning the tables on the super-rich and super-nasty Barry Neubauer is good, entertaining fun.

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