The Babel Effect

by Daniel Hecht

Crown Books, December, 2000.
Hardcover, 448 pages.
ISBN: 0609607294

The Babel Effect by Daniel Hecht A research group of geniuses known as The Genesis Project, are hired by a billionaire corporate mogul to try to find the source of violence and malicious killings in humans. The Genesis Project is headed by Ryan and Jess McCloud, a husband and wife team who have gradually built the group into a team of several very intelligent scientists and thinkers. When the group starts to focus on the possibility of violence being spread by a disease, people start coming out of the woodwork to stop them or steer them off course. When Jess, who is also pregnant, is abducted, Ryan must race to find out who doesn't want to have this information surface and save his wife.

This compelling novel from Daniel Hecht, author of Skull Session, contains some very intriguing insight into disease and medical research, biological warfare and high-tech espionage. In addition to being a great story, the subject matter in this novel really hits home, with the unusual types of violence from school shootings to air rage that now seem to occur on a regular basis. While Hecht does create interesting characters and a strong plot, it is the exploration of the provocative subject of evil and violence being delivered to human hosts by a virus or some other means that lovers of hard SF will enjoy the most in The Babel Effect.

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