The Art of the Book Proposal

by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

Tarcher/Penguin, May, 2004.
Hardcover, 288 pages.
ISBN: 1585423343

The Art of the Book Proposal by Eric Maisel, Ph.D. The Art of the Book Proposal is an excellent tool for helping writers focus on what they need to do to develop a saleable nonfiction book. If you have an idea for a book, but don't know what it takes to turn your ideas into a solid manuscript and book proposal that can pitched to an agent or publisher, then this is the guide for you. Author and psychotherapist Eric Maisel, Ph.D. teaches numerous methods for developing your book, selecting a title, organizing the table of contents, distinguishing your book from the competition and effectively expressing your credentials. No matter what problem you're having in writing your nonfiction book, Maisel is there with an answer. For example, if you have trouble with chapter summaries, Maisel offers twelve techniques for summarizing. If you are stuck on how to get the book written, Maisel discusses a concept called chunking which helps you write the book in different chunks -- the building blocks of your nonfiction book. He also explains book proposals and helps writers select a sample chapter, create the marketing points and write the query letter. Exercises and checklists are also provided to help writers achieve their objectives. If you are considering writing a nonfiction book, do not miss out on this wonderful book that will help you plan, organize and create a winning book and book proposal. Highly recommended.

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