The 24-Hour Turnaround

by Jay Williams, Ph.D., Debra Fulghum Bruce

ReganBooks, May, 2002.
Hardcover, 408 pages.
ISBN: 0060394315

The 24-Hour Turnaround by Jay Williams, Ph.D., Debra Fulghum Bruce Dr. Jay Williams, the noted exercise physiologist and trainer to the rich and famous, works out of the beautiful Mauna Lani Resort in Hawaii. In her latest book, Dr. Williams shares her secrets for helping you to improve your health, lose weight and reduce your biological age. Her novel techniques include a quick 24-hour turnaround to get you on the right track to looking and feeling great. Williams' advice is both traditional (to always eat breakfast and drink lots of water) and unorthodox (high intensity exercise is actually bad for you), and she provides the scientific backup for each of her propositions. Her approach is holistic, and urges the reader to incorporate diet, exercise and spirituality into her life in order to achieve the best results. Her absolute insistence that what you eat determines your health is very interesting, and there's no question that you will feel much better after just a week or so on her program. Her tone is encouraging, and also humorous at times (she recognizes, for example, the extreme reluctance many will feel at being told to lay off the alcohol). Her section on osteoporosis and menopause is especially timely and useful. So what are you waiting for? Let Dr. Williams help you start turning back the clock.

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