Star Trek Voyager: The Hologram's Handbook

by Robert Picardo, Illustrations by Jeff Yagher

Pocket Books, April, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 82 pages.
ISBN: 0743437918

Star Trek Voyager: The Hologram's Handbook by Robert Picardo One of the most entertaining characters on Star Trek: Voyager was the Doctor, who was so ably portrayed by Robert Picardo. Written in character as the Doctor himself, the Hologram's Handbook is a wildly entertaining guide to the philosophy, life and loves of Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram. His views on the rest of the crew, odd human habits and his own magnificence are all hilariously detailed in the Doctor's own, unmistakable voice. Particularly funny is the chapter entitled, "Anatomical Correctness: The Program Upgrade of Kings." This is a must-have for any Voyager fan. Picardo is a natural writer, and we cannot but hope that he will venture further into the world of publishing.

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