Stormchaser (The Edge Chronicles: Book 2)

by Paul Stewart, Illustrations by Chris Riddell

David Fickling Books, June, 2004.
Hardcover, 400 pages.
ISBN: 0385750706
Ages Young Adult

Stormchaser (The Edge Chronicles: Book 2) by Paul Stewart When we last saw Twig in Beyond the Deepwoods, he had just found out that his father is the sky pirate named Cloud Wolf and they are joyfully reunited. Twig is trying to learn the ways of being a sky pirate by serving aboard his father's skyship called the Stormchaser. But trouble is never far away from the irrespressible Twig, and in Undertown danger and intrigue are always close companions. Twig learns that his father wasn't always an outlaw. Once he was known as Qunitinius Verginix, "the finest Knight Academic in a hundred generations." The Professors of Light and Darkness, who live on the floating city of Santaphrax, held Qunitinius in high regard. But a betrayal led to Qunitinius' leaving the sacred city to become a pirate. Now, the corruption in Santaphrax has placed that city and Undertown in grave peril. Cloud Wolf must undertake a dangerous mission to find the valuable Stormphrax which keeps the city from floating away and purifies the water of Undertown. But intrigue and treachery are afoot and the mission is in grave peril.

Twig has grown up a bit from the first book in the series, but his judgment still leaves much to be desired. The addition of the sky pirates and the floating city of Santaphrax add another layer of complexity and interest to this very entertaining story. It appears that this will be a multi-volume series, and that Twig will feature in at least one more tale. And that's good news for readers.

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