Single White Vampire

by Lynsay Sands

Love Spell, September, 2003.
Paperback, 369 pages.
ISBN: 0505525526
Subgenre: Paranormal

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands Kate C. Leever is a hardworking editor at a publishing house in New York that specialized in romances. Her most successful author is Lucern Argeneau, whose books are classified as paranormal romance. What Kate doesn't know is that Lucern is actually a 612 year-old vampire who considers himself a family biographer. The handsome, reclusive Lucern gets the shock of his life when Kate shows up on his doorstep to demand that he attend the annual Romantic Times convention to interact with his growing legions of fans. Reluctantly Luc agrees, not realizing that the convention will involve book signings, dancing, dining and lots of other activities that are anathema to the grumpy, reclusive vampire. But Kate is the bubbly, optimistic type, and Luc goes along with the absurd doings just to please her, managing to get involved in some hilarious situations.

Single White Vampire is a madcap, lighthearted and extremely funny romance, with plenty of heart and charm. The curmudgeonly Luc (he is pretty old, after all, despite being gorgeous and youthful looking) is an endearing character who has his cold heart melted by his love for his perky editor. This is the perfect book to cheer you up after a particularly difficult day.

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