Shadow Magic

by Karen Whiddon

Love Spell, March, 2003.
Paperback, 353 pages.
ISBN: 0505524910
Subgenre: Paranormal

Shadow Magic by Karen Whiddon As he is about to be crowned king of Faerie, Prince Egann of Rune refuses to take the throne. Feeling responsible for his younger brother's death, he believes that he is not fit to rule. Nevertheless, he agrees to hold the Amulet of Gwynmyrr until his people can find a new king, at the request of the mage, Fiallan the Wise. As soon as he puts on the amulet, he disappears. When he awakens, he is in the mortal world of 467 A.D. and the powerful amulet is gone. Egann sees the beautiful woman who has haunted his dreams -- she is Deirdre of the Shadows, a magical Shadow Dancer who dances by moonlight to keep her people safe and cannot see the light of day because of an ancient curse. Egann accuses Deirdre of stealing his amulet, but eventually believes she is innocent. When Deirdre's village is attacked, she and Egann go on the run to save Deirdre from the pursuers who are sworn to kill her, and to recover Egann's precious amulet.

Karen Whiddon has created a charming historical fantasy; the handsome yet tortured Prince Egann and the headstrong Deirdre make an intriguing couple whose relationship crackles with passion. Shadow Magic is the perfect book for anyone who would prefer to escape the vicissitudes of reality and travel to Faerie for some love, passion, adventure and, of course, magic.

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