Sell it on eBay

by Jim Heid, Toby Malina

Peachpit Press, October, 2003.
Trade Paperback, 165 pages.
ISBN: 0321223764

Sell it on eBay by Jim Heid, Toby Malina Here is a great book for anyone looking to sell items on eBay, the leading online auction website. The book walks readers through the basics: registering with eBay, rules for sellers, creating a seller's account, information about seller's fees, pricing your auctions and eBay etiquette. Once you understand the basics, teaches readers how to create auctions. Readers learn the best ways to take pictures of their items -- many picture tips are given for outfitting your photo studio and photographing both small and large items. The book also provides suggestions for formatting the text and layout of your auction. One of the most important aspects of online auctions is management. The book tells readers how to handle bidders, make changes to an auction and how to relist an item that was not sold. Sell it on eBay also goes into details about what happens when you have sold your item, how to handle shipping and packaging and most importantly, how to get paid. Additional information provided in the book includes coverage of some efficiency tools for active eBay sellers and an appendix with eBay symbols and auction abbreviations. This is a very helpful book that is sure to help anyone become an expert eBay seller in no time at all.

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