See You Soon Moon

by Donna Conrad

Knopf, March, 2001.
Picture Book, 32 pages.
ISBN: 0375806563
Ages 2-4

See You Soon Moon by Donna Conrad See You Soon, Moon, by Donna Conrad evokes the excitement that a young child feels about an adventure which involves going somewhere and staying up late. Older children, when asked to write about an adventure, almost always write about the excitement of packing for a family trip. Ms. Conrad's little story is told by a little boy who is very excited about going on a family trip to see that special person in the lives of little ones everywhere, Grandma.

The little boy must make important decisions such as whether or not to take his blanket. (He decides that the blanket needs to go with him.) He must also say goodbye to his bedroom, rocking horse, teddy bear and backyard swings with their long strings reaching up to the sky. Soon the little boy realizes that no matter how far they go, the moon is coming along with the family. The moon follows in a most reassuring way up the hill and around the lake. It follows over the bridge, along the highway and waits for the family car to emerge from the tunnel. Finally, in the city where there are many lights and people walking about the family arrives at Grandma's house, and the moon has come along too.

Don Carter's very tactile illustrations, done with foam board, plaster, acrylic paint and push pins, give a three dimensional appearance to the story. This particular technique is very attractive to a very young child who feels that these pictures could be touched and felt. After all, two years and up is an age of tactile learning, so this style of illustration will no doubt communicate very directly with a very young person. See You Soon, Moon is an excellent book for reading with and to a child of two years and older.

--Sarah Reaves White

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