Seduced by Moonlight

by Laurell K. Hamilton

Ballantine, February, 2004.
Hardcover, 372 pages.
ISBN: 034544356X

Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton Meredith Gentry is a Princess of the Unseelie Court of Faerie who has been living in the United States after she fled the cruel Unseelie Court. Despised because she is part human, Merry is one of the potential heirs to the Unseelie throne, now held by Andais, the Queen of Air and Darkness and Merry's aunt. The Unseelie Court is a dangerous and violent place, filled with court intrigue that would do the de Medicis proud. Vying with her cousin Cel for the right to be the heir apparent, Merry deals daily with assassination attempts from the many parties who don't wish to see a human on the throne. As the competition for the throne heats up, Merry and her bodyguards (all of whom are vying for her affections and to be the father of her future children) travel to the Unseelie Court where they will face a maddened queen in the throws of bloodlust, hostile and dangerous courtiers and head-spinning political intrigue. Their visit is further complicated by Merry's growing magical powers: she now has the ability to restore some of the godlike powers that the Sidhe lost long ago. But the magic is unpredictable and the consequences of her using it are often violent.

This is the third book in the bestselling erotic fantasy series, following A Kiss of Shadows (2000) and A Caress of Twilight (2002). With her handsome and sexy Sidhe bodyguards, Merry faces the challenges that come her way with wit and humor. And although one might wish that Merry never, ever has to speak to the ghastly goblin king and queen again via mirror (or any other way), other than that there is little to complain about in this intense, violent, funny and very risque series which is absolutely addictive.

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