by Alan Dean Foster

Del Ray, June, 2001.
Hardcover, 327 pages.
ISBN: 0345418670

Reunion by Alan Dean Foster Phillip Lynx (or Flinx) is human, but he was raised offworld. A product of banned genetic experimentation by the Meliorare Society, he has hidden from the authorities all his life. His unusual abilities such as telepathy and empathy are starting to take a toll on him; he has increasingly painful headaches. So Flinx and his pet mini-dragon, Pip, head to Earth to find out more about his past and his genetic makeup. On Earth, Flinx manages to trick a sophisticated AI program into revealing classified information about the Meliorare Society. Barely one step ahead of the authorities, he manages to get offworld to follow the trail given to him by the AI before he had to leave the top secret installation in a hurry. The trail leads Flinx and Pip into Aann space, a place ruled by a hostile reptilian race. But Flinx has more to deal with than the Aann. He's about to meet up with one of his worst nightmares from his past: and she's clearly going to be nothing but trouble.

It's been five long years since fans have been able to enjoy another adventure in the Commonwealth universe. Reunion is a fast-paced, light-hearted adventure which is over all too soon. Flinx finds out much more about his origins in this book, and his powers seem to be growing. Alan Dean Foster has a deft hand with dialogue, an imaginative vision of future worlds and his sly wit makes for very enjoyable reading. Let's hope that it's not another five years until we find out what happens next.

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