Return on Design

by Ani Phyo

New Riders, May, 2003.
Trade Paperback, 284 pages.
ISBN: 0201756072

Return on Design by Ani Phyo In Return on Design, Ani Phyo, a veteran web designer who founded her own web consultancy service, offers strategies for developing usable and popular websites. Now that the dot-com boom days are over, savvy designers must focus on a website that can bring solid and steady results. And to do that they need to apply solid web design methods and techniques. Phyo's book offers advice, methods, suggestions and real-world examples to help the website development team accomplish goals and learn more about the value of user-centered design.

Phyo takes readers through seven steps for developing and launching a website. The steps include deciding what goes in the website by determining what the users need, developing menus, site maps and navigation schemes and testing prototypes. Readers will learn about web design, usability, and usability testing and how to apply these skills to develop websites that cut costs, save time and are popular with customers, clients and business partners. The book also includes a brief foreword by David Siegel, author of Creating Killer Web Sites. Highly recommended for web developers new to user-centered design.

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