Radical Collaboration

by James W. Tamm and Ronald J. Luyet

HarperBusiness, December, 2004.
Hardcover, 336 pages.
ISBN: 006074250X

Radical Collaboration by James W. Tamm and Ronald J. Luyet If you want to be able to succeed in the workplace it goes without saying that you will need to work hard, stay focused and learn as much as you can about your business and industry. Although many people focus and excel in these areas, many overlook something that can undermine all their efforts: relationship skills. There are skills involved in building and maintaining relationships both at home and in business. Radical Collaboration instructs people on what they need to do build relationships centered around a theory of human relationships called Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO). The methods used in the book are based on research that has proven results and greatly reduced conflict at major businesses and organizations. The book is very useful for individuals because it provides constructive ways for people to learn not to be defensive, a trait that can destroy potentially beneficial relationships and careers. For example, simply understanding when one is being defensive (a condition the book calls the red zone) can help you to become a better communicator and a more likeable person. The book instructs readers on how to recognize when they have entered the red zone and how to manage their behavior so that they stay in a green zone -- an authentic, nondefensive presence open to beneficial collaboration with others. Readers also receive a free relationship profile from the radicalcollaboration.com website. People with manager and supervisor roles should definitely give Radical Collaboration a look -- as should those who aspire to hold management positions. Highly recommended.

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