by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza

Henry Holt, February, 2006.
Hardcover, 400 pages.
ISBN: 0805074392

Pursuit by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza Chief Inspector Espinosa is on vacation and bored in his hometown of Copacabana, Brazil (his plans were altered when his wife was called to New York for an art seminar) when an unusual case presents itself. Psychiatrist Dr. Arthur Nesse tells Espinosa that his 17 year-old daughter has been kidnapped. He suspects one of his patients of kidnapping her. The patient's name is Isador Cruz, but he insists that the doctor call him Jonas. The doctor says that Jonas has been stalking his family: showing up at their home, angling to meet his daughter etc. But the more Inspector Espinosa investigates, the stranger the case becomes. Is it Jonas or the doctor who is paranoid? When murders start piling up, it will be up to Espinosa to sift through the conflicting evidence to find out who is telling the truth, identify a killer and find a missing girl.

In this fifth installment of the Brazilian crime series, Inspector Espinosa faces a confusing array of clues and suspects. With his wife out of town, Espinosa devotes his full energies to this intellectually taxing puzzle. Watching Espinosa work is a pleasure, as is this outstanding police procedural series.

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