Publicize Your Book

by Jacqueline Deval

Perigee, April, 2003.
Trade paperback, 320 pages.
ISBN: 0399528636

Publicize Your Book by Jacqueline Deval Publicize Your Book provides information for authors looking to get media coverage for their books. Jacqueline Deval helps writers learn what to expect from their publishers in the way of promotion, what options are available to them, how publicity works and how to develop their own publicity campaigns. Some of the coverage in the book includes developing press kits, media appeal, collaborating with in-house publicists, hiring a freelance publicist, pitching talk shows, book tours, interviewing, book signings and internet publicity. The book also contains the finer details on publicity like how to take an author photo and where to use it, how to correspond with book reviewers and how to pack for your book tour.

Jacqueline Deval, the publisher of Hearst Books, has been a director of publicity for several publishing houses including William Morrow, Villard and Doubleday. Deval also wrote the novel Reckless Appetites and appeared on the Today show and Good Morning America to discuss the book. Because Deval has worn the shoes of the publicist, the author and the publisher she is very familiar with how book publishing and book publicity works. She shares her expertise here with authors so that they can understand the complexities and timeliness of media and publicity and how they relate to book publishing. Deval doesn't hold back and novice authors will be both surprised and enlightened by what they read. Armed with this knowledge they will be able to develop creative campaign ideas of their own. The book will be helpful for both self-published authors and midlist authors who are looking to boost their sales. Highly recommended.

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This review was published in the April-May, 2003 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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