Privacy Defended

by Gary Bahadur, William Chan and Chris Weber

Que, February, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 699 pages.
ISBN: 078972605X

Privacy Defended by Gary Bahadur, William Chan and Chris Weber Everyone has some online privacy concerns, but few people realize that connecting to the Internet practically turns your monitor into a two-way mirror. Your privacy can be breached through your online orders, from the email you send and simply by logging on and surfing the Web. This book provides answers to numerous privacy questions, such as what information about you is being used and how, what happens to your credit card information, how secure are hotels and Internet cafes, hacker risks with DSL and cable connections, misuse of cookies, spam, viruses, cyber crime, databases of personal information and online fraud. The book also focuses on solutions to privacy problems, including personal firewalls, secure email, anti-virus software, privacy organizations, anonymous surfing, browser settings, encryption and parental controls. The authors also introduce and discuss current privacy laws, as well as legislation being considered to help consumers.

The Internet is a powerful new entertainment, research and shopping tool for everyone, but -- like everything else in life -- it comes with its own specific dangers and risk. This book helps users minimize the potential hazards the Internet poses by helping make readers aware of the risks and dangers and teaching them how to protect their computers and personal information. Highly recommended for anyone using the Internet.

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This review was published in the April, 2002 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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