Prisoner of My Desire

by Johanna Lindsey

William Morrow, November, 2002.
Hardcover, 352 pages.
ISBN: 0060509325
Subgenre: Historical

Prisoner of My Desire by Johanna Lindsey In 12th century England, the beautiful Lady Rowena Belleme submits to the plans of her loathsome stepbrother, Gilbert d'Ambray, in order to save her mother's life. Gilbert, who is power-mad, forces Rowena to marry a doddering old fool who has an army. When the elderly groom dies before the wedding can be consummated, Gilbert is furious, and orders Rowena to have a child immediately to secure the succession. Towards that end, he kidnaps a knight, Warrick de Chaville, whom he chains up while Rowena seduces him. She also allows him to escape. The tables are turned when Warrick turns up with his own army and kidnaps Rowena and decides to maker her his prisoner, for a change. The two fall in love, and together must outwit Gilbert and resolve their own considerable differences if they are to have a happy life together.

Originally published in 1991, Prisoner of My Desire has been re-printed in a hardcover edition which shows that Ms. Lindsay's books stand the test of time. Prisoner of My Desire has a very interesting hero; Warrick de Chaville is a single father who is a bold knight with some hidden depths. Warrick and Rowena are very much products of their times and the dialogue is written to give the reader a sense of 1152 England (just a sense, mind you, the real old English would be quite unintelligible to modern readers.) There is quite a bit of animosity between the hero and heroine, but again, this is quite realistic given the time and setting for the story. Johanna Lindsey has a style that is uniquely her own; this is the classic historical romance at its best.

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