Photoshop 6 Shop Manual

by Donnie O'Quinn

New Riders, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 1070 pages.
ISBN: 0735711305

Photoshop 6 Shop Manual by Donnie O'Quinn Donnie O'Quinn, an author, graphics consultant and trainer, is well known for his popular Photoshop in a Nutshell series that was published by O'Reilly and Associates. This book picks up where the Photoshop in a Nutshell books left of and starts a new series for Photoshop users. The Shop Manual teaches users how to use and understand each aspect of Photoshop's interface and functions in complete detail. Every filter, palette and tool available in Photoshop is covered with advice about how to use them, advantages and disadvantages in using them, commonly made mistakes and inside tips.

Quinn has done a superb job of organizing this reference book, which contains lists and descriptions for each Photoshop tool with suggestions on what tools to use and cross-references to other sections in the book. The book also includes detailed instruction on Photoshop techniques and a section which contains a handy list of Mac and Windows keyboard shortcuts. This is an information-packed guide to Photoshop 6 that leaves no Photoshop tool unexplored. With the Shop Manual at your side you'll become a Photoshop Pro in no time at all.

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