Photoshop 6 Effects Magic

by Rhoda Grossman and Sherry London

New Riders, February, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 353 pages.
ISBN: 073571035X

Photoshop 6 Effects Magic by Rhoda Grossman and Sherry London When you see the somewhat grotesque book cover (which sports hundreds of human eyeballs), you'll know immediately that this is not your garden-variety design book. Photoshop 6 Effects Magic is a unique and useful reference that guides and teachers readers through 23 different Photoshop projects developed by a team of ten expert Photoshop professionals. By following along with the projects, readers can learn various Photoshop skills and techniques from painting techniques to image manipulation. Each project is presented in a step-by-step manner with color photographs, screenshots and instructions explaining each individual step. For example, the "Altering Atmosphere" project helps readers learn how to change the background of a photograph of downtown San Francisco from a cloudy day to a clear day with a beautiful blue sky (and even add some fluffy white clouds if you like). The project approach utilizes vivid, color photographs which show users exactly how each step should look. The project also provides screen shots of Photoshop, so users know they are selecting the correct Photoshop tools.

Also included is a CD-ROM which provides images and files used in the projects in the book. A helpful menu on the inside cover helps you quickly locate the project that covers the specific Photoshop technique in which you are interested. This is an effective learning tool for Photoshop users, which is recommended for users already familiar with Photoshop who are ready and eager to move on to more advanced techniques.

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