No More Kissing

by Emma Chichester Clark

Doubleday, January, 2002.
Picture Book, 32 pages.
ISBN: 0385746199
Ages 4-8

No More Kissing by Emma Chichester Clark No More Kissing, which was written and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, is a book that will delight children and enlighten adults. What child has not wanted to run from the kisses and hugs of scarcely known relatives and friends of parents who all seem bent on grabbing one up and planting huge noisy kisses on one's face and head? What is a small but dignified person to do? Sometimes one's parents are no help at all, and there seems to be no escape from the humiliating torture. The problems of little Momo seem insurmountable, and any child who reads this story will have instant empathy for the frustrations of the little monkey.

The story begins with little Momo on the limb of a tree in the jungle and asking the question that has troubled many a small child. "Why does there have to be so much kissing?" the little boy monkey asks. Turn the page and one is confronted with every creature kissing the other creature of its kind. Hippos are kissing hippos, warthogs are kissing other warthogs and the lions are all kissing each other. Mothers kissing their babies seem to be the worst. Little Momo, sign in hand, pickets the animal kingdom and implores them to stop kissing. He wishes that no one would kiss him, especially people he does not know. Momo also feels that his own family is always kissing for all sorts of reasons. Momo especially does not want to kiss and make up with his sister, and he states his position loudly and clearly to all of the family.

Then Momo gets a new baby brother who screams his head off, and kissing does not stop his constant howling. But Momo understands. He tells everyone that the baby hates all the kissing. Now Grandma gives the baby to Momo to entertain, but nothing Momo does stops the crying. Finally Momo picks up the baby, looks at him eye to eye and by mistake kisses him! The baby smiles and Momo hopes that no one is looking.

No More Kissing is a book that is full of bright, colorful pictures of creatures with endearing expressions. Painted in the cartoon style, the illustrations are sure to engage a young reader, and the story itself is irresistible.

--Sarah Reaves White

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