Midnight Bayou

by Nora Roberts

Putnam, October, 2001.
Hardcover, 368 pages.
ISBN: 0399148248
Subgenre: Contemporary

Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts Declan Fitzgerald, a wealthy Boston attorney, has always longed to own the mysterious Manet Hall ever since he and his friend, Remy Payne, broke into the old New Orleans antebellum mansion while on a youthful drunken spree. When the Hall comes on the market, Declan dumps his fiancé and his law practice, and moves to New Orleans to purchase the old home. While spending a fortune on the restoration of the home to its former glory, he hears the ghostly cry of a baby and passes out when he enters a particular room on the second floor. Declan renews his friendship with his old friend Remy, and also meets a beautiful Cajun bar owner named Lena Simone. Lena also seems to have a strange connection to Manet Hall. The book alternates between the present and 1900, when the Hall's former occupant, Abigail Manet lived and died. As Lena and Declan fall in love, it becomes increasingly clear that they have some strange and dangerous connection to the dark history of the house, which was the scene of violence, rape, and murder.

In Midnight Bayou, bestselling author Nora Roberts mixes a contemporary ghost story with a historical love story, with excellent results. Roberts excels at writing romantic suspense, and her characters are always fresh and interesting. The atmosphere crackles with suspense, and Declan and Lena's interactions are filled with erotic tension. Nora Roberts clearly has another bestseller on her hands with this one, and deservedly so.

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