Lord of the Dark Sun

by Stobie Piel

Love Spell, December, 2002.
Paperback, 358 pages.
ISBN: 0505525054
Subgenre: Futuristic

Lord of the Dark Sun by Stobie Piel Princess Ariana is an expert pilot. In celebration of her graduation from the Intersystem Academy, she and her friends travel to the Border Territory for some fun. But the crew is overcome by mysterious aliens and the women are kidnapped. Dumped on a primitive planet where the humans are forced to mine a valuable fuel source, the young Ariana must fight for her life. But she is rescued by a young barbarian and they fall in love. The two plot to escape the planet, but only Ariana makes it out. Ten years later, Ariana sets out on a dangerous mission to free the rest of the slaves on the colony. She finds that her former love, Damon, led a rebellion and escaped to become a very powerful man with his own kingdom. Damon and Ariana both have quite a few secrets they are hiding from each other, yet they are still attracted to one another. Somehow they must put aside their differences and unite to face a greater threat which could destroy them all.

Stobie Piel is really in category of her own in the romance world. She writes fantastic, futuristic adventures which sizzle with sensuality. Lord of the Dark Sun is no exception. The worlds she creates are vividly imagined and her characters are passionate and complex people. This is an outstanding example of the futuristic subgenre.

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