Last of the Dixie Heroes

by Peter Abrahams

Ballantine, May, 2001.
Hardcover, 287 pages.
ISBN: 0345439376

Last of the Dixie Heroes by Peter Abrahams Ron Hill is a divorced father who takes good care of his son Rhett, and is up for a promotion at work. His ex-wife Marcia, who he is still deeply in love with, left him for a loathsome man, a lazy day-trader who ignores Roy's son and even tries to talk Roy into finding him some insider information about his company. Roy is drawn into a Civil War reenactment group by a coworker. The group does everything from buying actual uniforms and bullets to camping out on the battlefield. When Roy is unexpectedly laid off from work and the hopes of a promotion are gone, Roy relies more and more on the battlefield. But things turn dangerous when the battles and bullets start becoming much too realistic.

Peter Abrahams is a terrific writer, who was nominated for an Edgar Award for his novel, Lights. Abrahams is known for his way of getting deep inside a character's head and he does this again with Roy Hill -- a very likeable character who has managed to stay upbeat through some difficult circumstances. If you are looking for a thriller that has something different and is a little off-beat, Last of the Dixie Heroes is a good choice.

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