Kingdom of Moonlight

by Josie Litton

Bantam Books, June, 2002.
Paperback, 400 pages.
ISBN: 0553583905

Kingdom of Moonlight by Josie Litton Kassandra, a princess from the beautiful and mysterious island of Akora, is thrilled to be visiting England for the first time. Her brother Alex is married to an Englishwoman, Joanna, who is expecting her first child. Kassandra dives right into the Regency society whirl, and meets Royce, the Earl of Hawkforte, Joanna's handsome brother. But civil unrest in London requires Kassandra to return to Akora in the company of Royce, Joanna and Alex. When Kassandra's brother Atreus, the king of Akora, is injured during a violent attack, Kassandra must step in and act as ruler. Can Kassandra and Royce defeat the person who is determined to destroy the royal family and all of Akora?

Kingdom of Moonlight is the second book in the Akora trilogy, which began with Dream Island. Akora is a well-imagined, exotic land which has strong ties with England, and Litton's fantasy kingdom is a magical one. There is much violence, passion and romance here -- fans of romance and fantasy alike will enjoy this series from the talented Ms. Litton.

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