Killing Cassidy

by Jeanne M. Dams

Walker and Co., November, 2000.
Hardcover, 228 pages.
ISBN: 0802733476

Killing Cassidy by Jeanne M. Dams Amateur sleuth and British resident Dorothy Martin adores her adopted home, and her new husband, ex-Deputy Constable Alan Nesbitt. Dorothy receives a letter from her hometown in Indiana. Her old friend, Kevin Cassidy, has died and left Dorothy a small inheritance which is dependent upon Dorothy returning to Indiana to collect it. So Dorothy and Alan head off for the wilds of Indiana to visit Dorothy's hometown, and perhaps solve a murder. But the homecoming is a little upsetting for Dorothy. Nothing is quite the same as it was years ago, and it looks like a murderer really is stalking the small town. Can Dorothy find the killer before he strikes again?

The always-charming Dorothy Martin is as indefatigable a sleuth as ever, even though she is out of her normal environs: the cozy English village or the cutthroat business world of London. This book concentrates more on the relationship between Dorothy and Alan, and because of that provides some interesting insights into their relationship. Although Indiana isn't England, it certainly has its charms, and fans are sure to enjoy Dorothy's brand of sleuthing, regardless of where she happens to be.

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