Inside Photoshop 7

by Gary David Bouton, Barbara Mancuso Bouton

New Riders, July, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 1000 pages.
ISBN: 0735712417

Inside Photoshop 7 by Gary David Bouton, Barbara Mancuso Bouton Photoshop 7.0 is the latest release of the powerful graphics and photography software from Adobe. Inside Photoshop 7.0 helps users get the most out of this software with complete details about each Photoshop function, tips and hints about using Photoshop and reference sections and materials. This 1,000 page reference includes sections on Photoshop basics, advanced Photoshop skills, working with photographs, tools for artists, typography, using Photoshop with the Web and numerous tips and tricks. Each concept covered in the book includes step-by-step instructions and example screen-shots. The accompanying CD-ROM includes chapter examples from the book, a PDF eglossary, fonts, textures, graphics and third-party shareware and demos. The early chapters of the book assume the reader has no knowledge of Photoshop 7.0 and the text covers both very basic and very advanced concepts, so the book will appeal to both the Photoshop novice and the expert. With tons of information, step-by-step procedures, tables and charts, Inside Photoshop 7.0 is a must-have book for any Photoshop user.

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