Horizon Storms: Saga of the Seven Suns, Book 3

by Kevin J. Anderson

Warner Books, July, 2004.
Hardcover, 469 pages.
ISBN: 0446528722

Horizon Storms: Saga of the Seven Suns, Book 3 by Kevin J. Anderson Humans may not be the center of the universe, after all. That is one of the unfortunate truths that the humans of the future are having trouble accepting in Kevin J. Anderson's SF epic series, the Saga of the Seven Suns. In the third book of the series, Horizon Storms, the interstellar war inadvertantly triggered by the humans' experiments on a gas giant planet (which destroyed the home of the Hydrogues who lived at the core) has blossomed into a full conflagration that leaves no part of the galaxy safe. Now that ekti, the fuel that powers the humans' starships is unobtainable due to the fury of the Hydrogues, the humans of Earth demand that the human rebels donate all their ekti to the defense against the Hydrogues. The rebels refused and now even the humans are at war with each other. Meanwhile, the ancient alien races -- the hydrogues, the telepathic worldtrees, the water-based wentals, the fiery faeroes -- have all re-emerged onto the scene to do battle, regardless of what the humans want. The human-hating Klikiss robots have awakened, and have broken their treaty with the Illdirans, an ally of the humans. If the humans and the Illdirans can't stop fighting each other to defeat the hydrogues, it could spell the extinction of the human and Illdiran races.

Kevin J. Anderson moves effortlessly from world to world, using vividly imagined, believable characters from each to reflect the views of their people. Terran Hanseatic League Chairman Basil Wenceslas, the real power beind the thrones of King Peter and Queen Estarra, Mage-Imperator Jora'h, green priest Nira Khali, Cesca Peroni, the leader of the Roamers: all are interesting characters with life and passion. The action sequences are flawless, the worlds are fascinating and the characters are truly memorable. These players move on a stage of literally stellar proportions, but Kevin J. Anderson nibly ties together all the storylines in this absolutely amazing SF epic, which is sure to become a classic.

Claire E. White

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