Highlander in Disguise

by Julia London

Pocket Star, February, 2005.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0743465075
Subgenre: Historical

Highlander in Disguise by Julia London Years ago, the Lockhart clan split into two factions: the Scottish faction, which is currently on the verge of bankruptcy, and the English faction which is blessed with material goods. In the first book in this series (the delightful Highlander Unbound), the eldest of the Scottish Lockhart brothers went to London to retrieve an acient clan treasure -- a golden "beastie" -- which will solve the family's money problems. But the eldest brother failed in his task, although he did bring home a wife. Now, it is the second brother Grif's turn. So he heads to London, masquerading as an Earl during the season. Grif is handsome and polished, unlike his elder brother, and has no trouble fitting in with society. Grif is on the trail of a woman named Amelia, who last had the beastie. At a ball, he meets Anna Addison, who quickly sees through his disguise. Anna has her eye on the English Lockhart cousin, Drake, but Drake only has eyes for Anna's little sister. So Anna blackmails Grif into helping her snare Drake for her own. But of course, her little scheme doesn't proceed exactly as she planned.

Although Highlander in Disguise is the second book in a trilogy, it stands alone as a story. Julia London has taken a familiar device -- the heroine asking the hero to help her win another man -- and given it a fresh twist. Julia London has a deft hand with dialogue and the story is liberally laced with humor and sex appeal, making for a most entertaining read.

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