Henry's List of Wrongs

by John Scott Shepherd

RuggedLand, April, 2002.
Hardcover, 292 pages.
ISBN: 1590710010

Henry's List of Wrongs by John Scott Shepherd Henry Chase, known behind his back as "The Assassin," has clawed his way to the top of the financial world. After being completely humiliated the night of his high school prom, Henry buried the nice guy he used to be in order to achieve success and swore that no one would ever treat him like a loser again. Now that he's achieved the financial and social success that he so craves, he heads back to his hometown to twist the knife in the backs of his former tormentors. But Henry gets a nasty shock when his entire belief system is destroyed, and suddenly he sees how many lives he ruined on his ruthless climb to the top. With the help of a quirky grad student named Sophie, Henry decides to make a list of the people he wronged, and set out to make things right. He and Sophie set out on a cross-country trip to make himself whole again. But not everyone is ready to forgive Henry, and there's a lot more to Sophie than meets the eye. Can the Assassin go back and right all the harm he's caused in the world? And will he manage to find true love along the way?

John Scott Shepherd, who is best known for the feature films Joe Somebody and Life or Something Like It, turns his considerable talents to novel writing with the hilarious and thought-provoking Henry's List of Wrongs. Shepherd has an excellent ear for dialogue, and the repartée is fast and funny. The story also has real heart, as well as the ability to make the reader think about the interesting issues it raises. Highly recommended.

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