Hearse of a Different Color

by Tim Cockey

Hyperion, February, 2001.
Hardcover, 318 pages.
ISBN: 0786865717

Hearse of a Different Color by Tim Cockey Professional mortician and amateur sleuth Hitchcock Sewell and his Aunt Billie believe they have the Kingman wake well in hand -- until someone drops the body of a murdered woman on the doorsteps of the funeral home. Hitch answers the police's questions, and then is ready to put the matter out of his mind, but his girlfriend Bonnie, the local weathergirl, has other ideas. Convinced that she has the soul of an investigative reporter trapped in the body of a mediocre weathergirl, Bonnie insists that she and Hitch investigate the murder. The murdered woman, Helen Waggoner, was a single mother with a double life as a waitress and porn star. The further Hitch digs into Helen's past, the more complicated things become, until it looks like Hitch may be the next victim if he doesn't solve this murder, and fast.

This is Tim Cockey's second Hitchcock Sewell novel, after his well-received debut, The Hearse Your Rode In On. Hitch, the droll, wise-cracking undertaker is certainly a new type of amateur sleuth with an offbeat way of looking at the world, and Bonnie, the weathergirl with big dreams, is a perfect foil for him. Once you get past the idea of a hero who is a mortician, Hitch grows on you, and his latest outing is most entertaining.

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