Head Over Heels

by Susan Anderson

Avon, January, 2002.
Paperback, 372 pages.
ISBN: 0380819171

Head Over Heels by Susan Anderson The happiest day of Veronica Davis' life was the day that she left Fossil, Washington to become a designer/restorer of old homes. Now based in Seattle with a thriving business, she is forced to go back to her hometown when her flighty sister Crystal is murdered and her husband is accused of the crime. Veronica arrives in Fossil to take care of Crystal's daughter, and ends up doing the one job she swore she'd never do again: tending bar at the family's honky tonk. But she's short-handed, and wants to sell the bar for her niece's benefit, so she goes back to waitressing until she can find a replacement. To make things worse, the handsome bartender, Cooper Blackstock, is very antagonistic. Apparently he also knew the conniving Crystal, and thinks that Veronica is cut from the same cloth. But Cooper is not who he seems to be, and he and Veronica have a long way to go before their blossoming attraction has any chance of turning into true love.

Head Over Heels is a gutsy, heartfelt contemporary romance that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Susan Anderson takes on some weighty issues here, such as trust and responsibility, and integrates them deftly into a funny and passionate love story which is sure to garner her more fans.

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