Guide to Literary Agents 2003

by Rachel Vater (editor)

Writer's Digest Books, November, 2002.
Trade paperback, 393 pages.
ISBN: 1582971463

Guide to Literary Agents 2003 by Rachel Vater (editor) This annual guide provides detailed listings for literary agents and script agents. Over 600 listings are included and each listing provides contact information, contract terms, recent sales, manuscript needs, conferences the agent plans to attend and tips for authors and screenwriters. The book also includes sections containing listings for publicists and writing conferences. The book also provides a helpful section for writers who want to learn more about agents, what they do and how to find the right agent. Interviews with individual agents which are scattered throughout the book help give writers a close-up look at a particular agency or agent. Handy icons allow readers to quickly identify agents that charge fees, agents that are actively seeking new clients and agent listings that have changes since last year's edition.

This guide will be very helpful to the author or writer with a finished screenplay or novel looking for an agent to help them move towards publication. The guide also contains indexes which help one quickly locate agents that are looking for a specific genre, such as science fiction, so the author or screenwriter can focus on the appropriate listings in the book. This book will greatly assist the unrepresented author or screenwriter in his or her search for an agent. Highly recommended.

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