Guide to Literary Agents 2001

by Donya Dickerson (editor)

Writer's Digest Books, January, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 388 pages.
ISBN: 1582970114

Guide to Literary Agents 2001 by Donya Dickerson (editor) Each year, this writer's guide to literary agents contains more valuable articles and tips, plus detailed listings for literary agencies and agents. A new section in this year's edition is an independent publicist's section which contains articles about book publicity and listings containing information for a dozen publicity companies. The book includes two sections for agent listings, one for non-fee charging agencies and one for fee-charging agencies. Each agency listing includes contact information, a list of member agents, a list of recent book sales, the types of work the agency represents, terms and advice. In the fee-charging section, the listings also include information about the agency's fees. Special indexes in the book help you quickly find agents for a specific genre or a specific region. Other resources in the Guide to Literary Agents include a section with information about writer's conferences, a glossary and information about additional reference resources. This useful yearly guide is a must-have for writers seeking representation for a book or screenplay.

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