Get Organized, Get Published

by Don Aslett and Carol Cartaino

Writer's Digest Books, June, 2001.
Hardcover, 285 pages.
ISBN: 1582970033

Get Organized, Get Published by Don Aslett and Carol Cartaino Have you ever spent hours looking for a misplaced story idea, an address or even a pen? If so, then some reorganization of your work space could help you free up some valuable time. Don Aslett and Carol Cartaino provide advice and tips to help you solve these and other related problems in order to get your home office and your writing organized and on the right track. Getting organized will save all the time you normally spend looking for things, which will free up valuable extra time to write. In addition to organization tips, the book also provides insight and suggestions to help writers learn time management skills and find ways to break writer's block. Charts, examples, outlines and quotes and comments from well-known authors are included to enhance the presentation of the authors' ideas.

Author Don Aslett has written over 28 books on organization and time management, and author Carol Cartaino has co-authored and edited many of them. Now the authors have tailored their time management strategies for the writing profession, with excellent results. Their strategies are practical, useful, and are sure to help writers find more time to write -- and to stop making excuses. Get Organized, Get Publishing helps writers organize their writing lives and work habits so they can clear away distractions and concentrate on what's really important: the writing itself.

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This review was published in the May, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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