Game Creation and Careers

by Marc Saltzman

New Riders, June, 2003.
Trade Paperback, 707 pages.
ISBN: 0735713677

Game Creation and Careers by Marc Saltzman Gaming is one of the few industries doing well during the current, ongoing recession. If you have an interest in the industry (even if you just love playing games) you have a good chance of finding a career -- if you acquire the right skills. In addition to acquiring skills, it will also help to read this book which lays out the available career options and includes numerous ideas, interviews with experts and information to help you learn more about the gaming industry. The book covers all types gaming, including the leading gaming systems (Playstation, GameCube and Xbox), PDA games, computer games and massively multiplayer games. Many chapters in the book are devoted to game design, including design for specific game genres, character design, storyboarding, level and mission designs, programming theory, animation, user interfaces, sound engineering and music. Examples of actual design document templates are provided and hundreds of interviews with gaming experts are given to help readers understand more about a particular gaming design concept. By learning more about each type of game and the many different aspects of game design, readers can learn which niche they might be best suited for. The book also provides information about creating your own shareware game, game conventions, courses and schools related to game creation, and game-related links and resources. Game Creation and Careers is highly recommended for anyone interested in a game-related career or a comprehensive overview of the rapidly developing game industry.

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