Finding Ian

by Stella Cameron

Kensington, January, 2001.
Hardcover, 0380789930 pages.
ISBN: 1575667134
Subgenre: Contemporary

Finding Ian by Stella Cameron Nationally known family therapist Dr. Byron Frazer has a secret that could be very damaging to his career. Thirteen years ago after his wife died, when he was 21, he gave up his newborn son for adoption. In a haze of grief and pain, he felt that the boy would be better off with a more stable couple. Byron kept tabs on Ian over the years through a private detective. Byron learns that Ian's parents are dead and that the boy has been sent to Cornwall to live with relatives. Ian takes a sabbatical and heads to Cornwall himself to check out the situation. The town of Cornwall is quite different from Minnesota, but he gradually warms to his environment and to the attractive Jade Perron, the painter and designer who is repairing the cottage in which he lives. Ian decides that he should legally reclaim the boy, but the entire town bands against him, including the beautiful Jade.

Finding Ian is a departure for Stella Cameron, who is best known for her romantic suspense novels and her historical romances. With Finding Ian, she puts the hero center stage with excellent results. This is a deeply emotional, touching book which is sure to win the talented Stella Cameron even more fans.

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