Enchanted by Magic

by Gloria Harchar

Love Spell, December, 2004.
Paperback, 320 pages.
ISBN: 0505526174
Subgenre: Paranormal

Enchanted by Magic by Gloria Harchar The magical land of Quelgheny exists in the same space and time as Earth and it is populated by pixies, trolls and other supernatural creatures. When meddling pixies Allegro and Largo make an error which will destroy their home of Jubilant, which lies in the clouds above Great Britain, they know that they must continue to interfere in the lives of humans in order to set things straight and restore the timeline. Lauren, the daughter of a thief, can barely make ends meet for her and her two sisters so she pretends to be the daughter of a long-lost lord and befriends the generous Lady Bing. Lady Bing's will specifies that her grandson Grant must marry Lauren if he wishes to inherit her massive state. Grant is unhappy with the command and suspicious of Lauren, but agrees to the marriage. The pixies will have their work cut out for them, in order to make true love bloom and save the land of Jubilant. This lighthearted, whimsical romance is the perfect pick-me-up treat for anyone stressed out by the holiday rush and in need of a heartwarming laugh.

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