Emily Post's Etiquette, 17th Edition

by Peggy Post

HarperCollins, November, 2004.
Hardcover, 876 pages.
ISBN: 0066209579

Emily Post's Etiquette, 17th Edition by Peggy Post When one mentions the subject of etiquette, some people might wonder what use such an antiquated notion has today. How many people actually need to know all the various proper forms of address for the Queen of England, after all? But the truth is that etiquette is as important today as ever. Knowing what to do and say in virtually any social situation gives one confidence. The etiquette bible has always been Emily Post's Etiquette. Society has changed much since the first book was published in 1922. Luckily, Ms. Posts' granddaughter-in-law has carried on Emily Post's work; this 17th edition of Etiquette is the result -- and it is an absolutely invaluable book to have in one's home. Now with handy index tabs in the text, the book is the place to turn to find out what you are supposed to do in any conceivable life situation, from breaking up with someone to writing thank you notes, to handling another's illness, to giving gifts, to dealing with children (yours or other people's) to behaving and dressing appropriately at work. The new edition is totally up to date with all those questions of the digital age, such as etiquette for email, text messaging and even online dating. You'll be surprised how helpful this 800 page volume will be, and it would make the perfect gift for anyone of high school age and beyond.

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