Eden Burning

by Elizabeth Lowell

William Morrow, January, 2002.
Hardcover, 352 pages.
ISBN: 006621274X
Subgenre: Contemporary

Eden Burning by Elizabeth Lowell Dr. Chase Wilson is a vulcanologist whose next assignment sends him to Hawaii to study a famous volcano. He is also there to pick up his daughter, who has been staying with his brother and sister-in-law. Chase just went through a nasty divorce and is feeling quite down on women, when his brother introduces him to research assistant and dancer Nicole Ballard. Nicole also went through a nasty divorce from a man who absolutely destroyed her self-confidence. When the two meet at the club where Nicole is dancing, sparks fly. But Nicole is wary of getting involved with anyone, and Chase mistakenly thinks Nicole is another gold-digging tramp who is out to break up his brother's marriage. Chase hurts Nicole terribly, and is determined to make amends. This makes working together on the research project very uncomfortable indeed.

Eden Burning is a reworked and updated version of an Elizabeth Lowell novel which was originally published in 1986. Ms. Lowell has expanded the book by adding new scenes, and has updated the storyline. Set against the rich backdrop of the Hawaiian islands, Eden Burning is classic Elizabeth Lowell: passionate, action-packed and full of heartfelt emotion. Ms. Lowell uses the metaphors of the volcano and the wild island dancing and drumming to great effect here, and her characters are vividly portrayed. A must-have for Lowell fans.

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