Don't Look Back

by Amanda Quick

Bantam, June, 2002.
Hardcover, 323 pages.
ISBN: 0553802003
Subgenre: Historical

Don't Look Back by Amanda Quick Private investigators to the wealthy and titled, Lavinia Lake and Tobias March were introduced in Slightly Shady, and the charming couple is back with another wonderful adventure. An old family friend and talented mesmerist, Dr. Howard Hudson, comes to visit Lavinia, and introduces her and Tobias to his beautiful young bride, Celeste. When Celeste is found brutally murdered, Dr. Hudson begs Lavinia to find the murderer. But Tobias feels that Hudson is more interested in finding the Blue Medusa bracelet that went missing around the time of Celeste's death. The bracelet is reputed to have mysterious powers, and any number of collectors are after the rare relic. Lavinia and Tobias are joined in the investigation by Emmeline, Lavinia's neice who is enjoying a London season being introduced to society, and by Anthony, the young brother of Tobias' late wife. As the search for a killer and the mysterious bracelet heat up, Lavinia and Tobias find themselves in danger from a ruthless killer who doesn't intend to be caught.

Don't Look Back is a funny, witty and romantic Regency-era romp. Lavinia and Tobias are a passionate and stubborn pair; their interchanges are spirited and very funny -- especially when Tobias is trying to convince Lavinia not to rush into danger alone (a lost cause). The dialogue is flawless and the Regency-era background is especially well done. Both mystery fans and romance fans will find this story an absolute delight. Highly recommended.

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