Dojo Wisdom for Writers

by Jennifer Lawler

Penguin, August, 2004.
Paperback, 204 pages.
ISBN: 0142196312

Dojo Wisdom for Writers by Jennifer Lawler Writers are always seeking inspiration and encouragement that can help them tap into their muse. Dojo Wisdom for Writers gives aspiring writers the strength and wisdom of the dojo (a martial arts training room) to tap into their creativity. Author Jennifer Lawler, who also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, has used this wisdom to quit smoking, lose weight and get into top physical shape. She has also learned to apply these techniques to her writing and in Dojo Wisdom for Writers she passes along her experiences and knowledge so that writers can learn to use them to increase both creativity and productivity. Lawler offers 100 lessons from the martial arts and 100 exercises to go with them. The lessons and exercises focus on dojo concepts like "Practice daily, regardless of circumstances," "Discipline leads to strength," "Sometimes, remain silent," "Accept criticism to grow" and "No one gets the jump spinning wheel kick on the first try." Lawler teaches writers how each of the lessons applies to writing and how they can use the wisdom to become a focused, disciplined and successful writer. The hard truth is that for many writers the problem is not a lack of time or writer's block, but a lack of discipline and focus. Dojo Wisdom for Writers is the perfect book to help you gain the discipline, strength and commitment you need to achieve your writing goals.

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This review was published in the July-August, 2004 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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