Dirty Work

by Stuart Woods

Putnam, April, 2003.
Hardcover, 322 pages.
ISBN: 0399149821

Dirty Work by Stuart Woods Dapper attorney Stone Barrington hates divorce cases -- they really are the dirty work of the legal profession. Bill Eggers of Woodman and Weld asks Stone to catch a client's husband in a compromising position. Stone is of counsel at Woodman and Weld, who sends Stone quite a bit of work, so he reluctantly agrees. But the photographer that Stone hires to catch the husband in the act sees the husband get murdered by a beautiful woman -- and then promptly falls through the skylight right into the middle of the murder scene. The killer turns out to be a world class assassin, Marie-Therese duBois, also known as La Biche. Stone's squeeze from the last book, The Short Forever, British agent Carpenter, arrives in town also looking for duBois, and -- with the help of local police detective Dino Bachetti -- the chase is on to find a killer.

Stone Barrington is as intelligent as he is suave -- he's never at a loss for words or falls apart in a crisis. He needs his sang-froid in this adventure, because the assassin Marie Therese DuBois is very good at her job. Barrington and Bachetti are a great team, and their dialogue is quite funny. The pacing is fast and the addition of British agent Carpenter is a definite plus. The ever-talented Stuart Woods just keeps turning out immensely entertaining books, and his latest is no exception.

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