by James Sywell and Anne-Marie Roffi

Perigee, July, 2001.
Hardcover, 127 pages.
ISBN: 0399526811

Dilemmas by James Sywell and Anne-Marie Roffi You should hope that you do not find yourself in the midst of some of the dilemmas described in this book. They include dilemmas that are wretched, disgusting, horrifying, humorous, and uncomfortable. Of course, this makes them terrific conversation starters -- which is the purpose of this little book that encourages terrible thoughts. For example, the book starts with the unpleasant dilemma, "You've started dating a woman and discover she used to be a man." Other dilemmas include "The person you are sitting next to at dinner momentarily looks away when you sneeze all over his plate of food", "A writer friend publishes a story you realize is about intimate aspects of your life", "Your daughter mentions in passing that the family doctor had her take her clothes off to check her tonsils", and "Your boss calls you in and gives you a big promotion for something you didn't actually do." "What would you do?," asks the book. Dilemmas is a great book for breaking the ice at a social event.

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This review was published in the July, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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