by Elizabeth Haydon

Tor, August, 2001.
Hardcover, 408 pages.
ISBN: 0312867506

Destiny by Elizabeth Haydon Destiny is the final book in Elizabeth Haydon's marvelous high fantasy trilogy which includes Rhapsody and Prophecy. In Destiny, the three companions, Rhapsody, Achmed, and Grunthor, continue their fight against the evil demon, the F'dor. The F'dor has taken over the body of a very important personage who is delicately maneuvering the entire world into a bloody war which will eventually destroy the earth. Now, Rhapsody and her companions must find and destroy each of the children of the F'dor (which he sired while in a body called the Rakshas), separating them from their demon half, and using the blood to track the mysterious F'dor. The host of the demon could be anyone, which considerably complicates their task. Rhapsody will be called upon to make incredible sacrifices in her life and to embrace the power that she has never really wanted.

There is certainly no time to get bored in this third book in this immensely entertaining trilogy; it is filled with non-stop action. The three characters have evolved considerably since the first book, and the plot twists and turns will keep you riveted to the pages. The writing is lyrical, and the atmosphere exciting and magical. Elizabeth Haydon ties up all the loose plot threads by the end of the book with an amazing surprise ending that sets the stage for other stories. Haydon's skills at world building are excellent, as is her imagination. This is an excellent series that any fantasy fan will treasure.

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