Designing CSS Web Pages

by Christopher Schmitt

New Riders, September, 2002.
Trade paperback, 355 pages.
ISBN: 0735712638

Designing CSS Web Pages by Christopher Schmitt Designing CSS Web Pages offers an excellent introduction to the CSS language, which can help developers control the style and formatting on their webpages. Numerous CSS topics are covered in the text, including using multiple columns, splash pages, dynamic HTML, PNG, SVG, browser-safe colors and pushpin design. The book also covers elements of design and provides an understanding of web browsers, so web designers can ensure that the website is presented to visitors in the way they want it to be seen. A final section in the book offers a look at several different CSS designs, including designs for a company news page, a shopping cart page, an online magazine and a personal site. The appendix in the book includes a handy section that provides CSS code for formatting tricks like adding a thick line or creating small, bold text.

Web developer and designer Christopher Schmitt does a good job of explaining the value of CSS and its many uses. Schmitt's analysis, examples and instruction will make it easy for web developers to grasp the concepts of CSS and start using them in their own websites. Some prior experience with HTML and web design is recommended.

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This review was published in the February, 2003 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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